Five from H5

Five from H5

Our work is only as good as our team. Fortunately Agency H5 is packed with passionate people who each possess their own one of a KIND spark. Welcome to the 5 From H5 series, where an agency expert shares tips for upping your work game.

Recommending creative concepts, developing social strategies and staying up to date on the everchanging space – when it comes to the to-dos of today’s social media manager, the list goes on and on. Kayla Mueller is a Senior Digital Coordinator at Agency H5; a role that has evolved exponentially since she joined the team in May 2017. With the agency’s recent shift toward full-service marketing, the spotlight is on the digital team, whose keen sense of what works in a seemingly endless pool of trends and tools makes them more than up for the challenge.

Whether someone needs an influencer recommendation or full-fledged social strategy, Kayla and co. are only a few steps and a shoulder-tap away from providing their expertise. But how exactly does this Senior Digital Coordinator help a diverse client roster stand out from the crowd on social media? Her toolkit of must-have apps to keep her organized, inspired and on top of it all, of course.

  1. VSCO

What is a social strategy without compelling content and imagery? Thanks to superior photo editing technology, this app brings everyday images to life.

“VSCO encourages artistic expression by bringing together a community of creatives,” says Kayla. “Whether photos are professionally shot or captured with an iPhone, the editing capabilities help develop top-notch content that will perform well on social.”

  1. PLANN

Developing content is one thing, but establishing a consistent look and feel is crucial to attracting and growing a loyal Instagram following. Enter: PLANN.

“This app is in my arsenal is because you can visually plan and draft images in your feed using their drag and drop feature,” says Kayla. “It’s a great tool to ensure that your grid is not only visually cohesive but also complements the brand and the campaign activation – all before it goes live.”

  1. Sprout Social

Managing social media isn’t just about pushing out content and seeing what sticks. It also demands identifying and connecting with fans.

“Social engagement all about conversation,” says Kayla. “Sprout lets you streamline communication to help brands efficiently develop human relationships with their followers, all while monitoring, responding and measuring efforts in a smart and efficient way.”

  1. Facebook Ads Manager

Creating a paid amplification strategy is crucial to extending reach and delivering ads to the right audience. With paid ad strategies big and small performing on multiple platforms, you need an on-the-go, one-stop-shop.

“Facebook Ads Manager lets you create, run, target, budget and monitor your ads for Facebook and Instagram all in one place,” says Kayla. “You can activate your client’s latest ad in real time, or update targeting in seconds, anywhere; whether you’re in an off-site meeting or waiting in line at Jeni’s Ice Cream – something I may or may not have done before!”

  1. FourSixty

Demonstrating a strong ROI is music to any client’s ears. When Instagram users are asked to take further steps with “link in profile” calls to action, you need to find a way to keep their attention, not lose it.

“Instagram has yet to find a way to make product destinations more accessible to users, so that’s where FourSixty comes in,” says Kayla. “It transforms a brand’s content into shoppable galleries that can link to product pages, blog posts, ad campaigns and more. It’s accessible via one all-encompassing, evergreen link that you can paste in your bio – and keep there.”

BONUS: AdWeek!

The apps in the digital team’s toolbox aren’t always, well… tools. To stay on top of trends and find innovative inspiration, Kayla turns to something a little more traditional: a preferred news source to start the day.

“Digital is always changing, but with apps like AdWeek I can stay in-the-know with tech, creative, digital and agency news,” she says. “We have to think differently, be strategic and develop impactful content for our brands, so creative inspiration is a must!”

Social media managers, PR pros and more: what apps are must-haves for you?


About Kayla Mueller
Kayla is a spirited creative who is passionate about advertising and branding, and is obsessed with all things digital. She enjoys playing violin, eating ice cream for dinner, traveling and taking pictures – often at the live music events she attends throughout the city of Chicago. Her favorite platform is Instagram because it serves as such a creative and visual space for people to express themselves.