Five from H5

Five from H5

Our work is only as good as our team. Fortunately Agency H5 is packed with passionate people who each possess their own one of a KIND spark. Welcome to the 5 From H5 series, where an agency expert shares tips for upping your work game.

Social media – for a brand to be successful in 2018, it’s not just an option; it’s a necessity. No one knows this quite like Nicole Donnelly, Agency H5’s Senior Digital Manager. With everchanging trends and algorithms to keep up with, brand managers need someone like Nicole on their side to strike the right tone and break through the increasingly noisy social landscape.

From a brand standpoint, what do you need to know about social media to ensure you’re doing it right? Nicole has the answer – well, five, to be exact.

  1. A digital presence does make a difference.

“Your social media channels matter, and they are a great tool to engage your current consumers while introducing your brand to new ones,” says Nicole. “So, whether you haven’t touched your social pages in months or are looking to take your strategy to the next level, investing in social media will have a huge return for your brand.”

For example: Master of Mixes was running successfully without any social media and for the first time in its 40-year history, the brand decided to invest in a digital presence. Agency H5 took on the task and developed the brand’s digital voice with an engaging community of cocktail enthusiasts. Over the course of one year, the brand acquired over 9,000 fans and followers with an average engagement rate of 6% (the industry average is less than 1% on Facebook).

  1. Strategize first, post second.

We get it, you want to post, and you want to post today. But before you publish, you need to build out a strategy. What does that even look like, you ask?

“Your strategy is both the foundation and the handbook for how your brand’s social media pages will function,” says Nicole. “Some of the main elements can include your brand’s look and feel, tone, voice and content buckets where your content will always stem from. I also recommend including some element of paid (but more on that later).”

  1. Your content matters.

“Your creative content speaks volumes to who your brand is, what they represent and how they will be remembered by your target audience,” says Nicole. “Developing quality content, especially channel specific, is essential – I recommend investing and refreshing content on an ongoing basis to tell a relevant story with which your fans and followers can engage.”

merci Chocolates tasked our team with creating content for their social media pages to drive brand awareness and portray the brand essence. First, we needed to educate consumers on what merci chocolate is and more specifically, the variety of flavors available. Our team took the task head on and created short 15-second animated GIFs highlighting specific flavors on both Facebook and Instagram. See for yourself.

  1. Paid is powerful.

With ever-changing algorithms and a competitive market, how do you get your content in front of the target consumer?

“This is where paid social media advertising comes in,” says Nicole. “Whether your brand has a small or large budget, paid social advertising can be leveraged to help you and your team meet your goals and get in front of the people who matter for your brand. When building out a social strategy, including paid is a must to help take your content further and farther.”

  1. Change is inevitable.

While planning is crucial, the social space is everchanging. It’s important to keep evaluating your strategy and identifying new ways to improve. In short, never get too comfortable.

“It is important to not only analyze your content and paid performance on an ongoing basis, but to be a constant student within the space,” says Nicole. “I recommend investing time to learn about what’s new, the latest updates and relevant campaigns that are driving social chatter. It is easy to get caught up in wanting to test and try out all the new features; however, before you jump head first, consider this – does it make sense for the brand and what you are trying to accomplish? Asking these questions will help you and your team make smart and strategic decisions down the road.”


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About Nicole Donnelly

Nicole is a Digital Marketer who has worked within a variety of industries, such as consumer goods and services, restaurant and hospitality, corporate organizations and nonprofits. When she is not at work, she can be found exploring around Chicago, pinning inspiration quotes to her Pinterest board or putting her social skills to good use by volunteering her time at non-profit organizations she is passionate about.