The High Five

The High Five

Welcome to the High Five: The week’s hottest news, sure to make you sound sharp at any gathering. 

Hot Dish:

Wrigleyville is about to get a little bit sweeter. Anticipated to open around Easter, West Town Bakery and Tap will combine drinks and desserts giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “sugar buzz.” Located inside The Hotel Zachary, this eatery is the latest from the Fifty/50 Restaurant Group known for spots like Leviathan, Apogee, The Berkshire Room and more.

From the Press:

Teenage girls are making the most of their social media prowess, carving out a niche as the next gen of food influencers. The girls, who have grown up on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, represent a new demo restaurateurs want to lure. According to a recent Chicago Magazine feature, these teens come in groups and spend like adults. They may not be foodies though, they’re more concerned with environment and good vibes than nuanced dishes. Restaurants definitely don’t mind that they can’t rack up a drink bill; the snaps and Instagram posts hold value as advertising. Talk about “clique bait.”

Ready, Set, ChicaGO:

Are you a foodie? Looking constantly for the next tastiest restaurant to open near you? Then you should check out Eater Chicago’s latest 11 Chicago-Area Restaurant Openings to Know. From delicious Mexican cuisine in Irving Park to South African street food in Rogers Park, the list is sure to enthuse your taste buds.

La Vida Local:

The search for the perfect pair of jeans has never been easier thanks to Chicagoans Kaleb Sullivan and Rob McMillan, the founders of local denim brand Dearborn Denim & Apparel. Not only are the jeans affordable (styles start at $59) and ridiculously comfortable thanks to special stretch fabric, but the store is also thoroughly committed to its Chicago roots — every piece is cut, sewn and crafted locally.

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