The High Five

The High Five

Welcome to the High Five: The week’s hottest news, sure to make you sound sharp at any gathering. 

Hot Dish: Presidential Cheezborgers

After a 10 week closure for infrastructure repairs, the famous Billy Goat Tavern reopened Friday, March 16 with two big pieces of news. First, a party room is under construction next door to the historic Lower Michigan Avenue joint. When it’s completed, the home of the “Cheezborger” will hold an official spring reopening. But perhaps most importantly, there’s a secret Presidential burger that’s not on the menu: the Obama Burger. Created by staffers who would come in late after working long days on the 2008 campaign, the Obama Burger is a double Cheezborger with bacon, egg and grilled onions. Talk about a mouthful.  You can get yours for around $10 including tax. #ObamaBurger2020

From the Press: Social Wars

The cat fight between social platforms is heating up again as Snapchat rolls out “mentions” on its platform. Two years after Instagram released Instagram Stories, considered by many to be a copy of Snapchat’s short-lived format, Snap is now returning fire. The company rolled out mentions, a feature that allows users to tag with the now ubiquitous “@” symbol. Still in the testing stage, we’ll just have to see whether this feature stays or disappears. Feel free to screenshot.

Ready, Set, ChicaGO:

Do you love bacon? Do you have an obsession with Ron Swanson? Do you go nuts every time someone belts out “Go, Cubs, Go!” in Wrigleyville? Then you’ll be thrilled to know there will be a new restaurant/bar centered around bacon and Ron Swanson coming to Wrigleyville in time to catch Opening Day for the Cubs. WHISK, the West Town spot known for its burgers and Mexican-inspired fare is coming to the Cub’s ‘hood (taking over the former Raw Bar & Grill space at 3720 N. Clark). The restaurant is also known for its love of the “Parks & Recreation” character Ron Swanson — played by Cubs fan Nick Offerman — and the Wrigleyville outpost will feature his portraits on the wall. Be sure to stop by in early April to get a burger that would make Ron proud.

La Vida Local: Do the Rite Thing

The local Wicker Park hangout spot, Rite Liquors, is keeping the “slashie” concept alive. A “slashie” is a combination of a bar and a liquor store was a popularized about 40 years ago, but many went out of business due to rent hikes. Open for 34 years, Rite Liquors is one of the last ones standing and has no plans on leaving. The owner, Mike Liacopoulos, has been offered millions for his prime piece of real estate, but his loyal customers, passion for the neighborhood’s history and a steady stream of revenue stops him. A drop by Rite Liquors is chance to experience a piece of Chicago’s boozy history.

Vibe of the Week


Build the door, but if it still doesn’t answer, don’t be afraid to kick it down. Have the courage and drive to get after what you want. Never stop the hustle.