As a “One of a KIND” agency, we believe that we’re different, in the best way possible. Our workplace is genuinely HAPPY— it’s a place where we can be ourselves and follow our dreams, explore our passions, take risks, unleash our creativity and challenge the status quo. But, we are also accountable to our clients, ourselves and each other, and we always deliver amazing business results that exceed expectations and ROI. We also firmly believe that we all must find our joy outside of the office every single day, and then bring that joy back to our colleagues, clients and valuable contacts. Who we are as people, as “Humans,” says a lot about why we’re each successful at H5. We find great meaning and joy in our work every day and it shows.

With each new day, along the way, these are the FIVE WE MUST FOLLOW.


Always lead with kindness.

Be kind whenever possible. And it is always possible. “Always Lead with Kindness” are words we firmly live by.

Who cares about inside or outside of a box?

We all think differently and are encouraged to share our insights, opinions and ideas to generate buzzworthy programs for our clients. We’re not creative for creativity’s sake. In fact, everything we do is grounded in research and insights to ensure that our best ideas also deliver the best results.



You’re only as good as your word.

We live and practice the Golden Rule. We’ll never compromise on our personal or agency’s integrity. In the communications world, you’re only as good as your word. And, our word is our bond. Plain and simple.

Find your inner fire.

Get geeked out. We always dig deep to find personal connections with our clients’ brands. If the work we do day in and day out doesn’t come from the heart, it won’t affect people’s minds. That’s why each of us works on business that makes us excited to get out of bed in the morning.



Don’t do tomorrow what can be done today.

Don’t let grass grow. Never slow down. Sometimes opportunity knocks. More often than not, you have to hustle to find out who’s on the other side of the door.