Destination Kohler

Paradise Found

Destination Kohler

Paradise Found

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Since starting work with the Kohler Hospitality division in 2014, Agency H5 has established Destination Kohler and its dynamic offerings as an unmatched Midwest paradise. When the COVID-19 pandemic altered the face of travel, Agency H5 stepped up to help position how Kohler Hospitality’s offerings were delivering a safe escape for weary consumers.


H5 focused on the travel experiences consumers were craving the most and identified an opportunity to center on Kohler’s expanding platform of luxuriously appointed private cabin offerings and physical distance-friendly activities. The team also identified an opportunity to tap into the remote work lifestyle, helping develop the “Work Well” package to attract wellness travelers looking to work well and play well.


Results from these nimble activations helped create coverage opportunities in national travel and lifestyle outlets, driving in-bound calls and bookings for the hospitality brand as it navigated occupancy limitations and state-wide restrictions.


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