Orville Redenbacher’s

Pop Perfect

Orville Redenbacher’s

Pop Perfect


When the legendary popcorn brand wanted to appeal directly to moms and families, it came to H5 to harness its movie partnerships and help drive positive perception of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn as a go-to family snack.


To build the connection to family movie time, H5 partnered with Variety magazine to create the Orville Lounge Pop It and Top It Station at the Sundance Film Festival. We welcomed Hollywood’s biggest stars to the lounge, where they gave interviews, took photos, and snacked on popcorn. H5 continued to spread the conversation and the film-viewing connection by teaming up with relevant national macro and micro mom influencers to share their #SuperMomming moments and family-favorite popcorn recipes to share with their followers.


All in all, H5 generated more than 325 million impressions for the snack giant through the Sundance Film Festival activation and created authentic connections between Orville popcorn and family snack time through influencer engagements that drove a below industry average CPM rate.

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