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Illinois State Treasurer’s Office


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Makes Cents

The Illinois State Treasurer’s Office came to H5 with a unique request: They were sitting on a lot unclaimed money from thousands of Illinois residents, and they wanted to give it back. We stepped in to help. First, we re-branded the Treasury’s Cash Dash program as I-Cash to increase awareness and create legitimacy for the program among Illinoisans. Then we really got to work.

We reached out to the program’s success stories and leveraged testimonials from residents who had claimed assets. Through traditional methods like billboards to digital means like video and a new website that let visitors identify and search for assets, we spread the word and simplified the process for users. We tapped our pals in media for a little boost — well, maybe 118 placements isn’t so little.

When all is said and done, I-Cash saw the number of web visits surge by 185% in the first four weeks of the program. Even better, the number of claims climbed 383%. The Treasury Department was thrilled, but it was really the people of Illinois who benefitted: We helped residents claim 27% more assets, from $101 million in 2011 to $129 million in 2012.