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As the number-one selling brand of cocktail mixers in the U.S., Master of Mixes hired H5 to bring its successful brand to the digital space for the first time in its 40-year history.

H5 launched the brand by developing and executing a robust social media strategy, to engage with its target audience and increase brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram. To complement existing social efforts, we partnered with 19 influencers and earned more than 4.1 million impressions. Our creative team generated compelling photo and video content that showcased the product, brand ethos, lifestyle and distinguished the brand as high-quality and trustworthy.

In the first year, we developed a social media community with a loyal following of over 9K and an average engagement rate of 6% on Facebook (industry standard is 1-3%).

After building sustained engagement with the brand, the team strategically shifted from post engagement to brand awareness objectives across Facebook and Instagram ads, driving 66% more impressions. This also drove a 76% more efficient CPM, compere to the national average. Additionally, we launched the brand’s Pinterest page, repurposing designed assets and amplifying with paid support to generate an average of 83k monthly viewers.

In April 2019, the team successfully launched the brand’s updated look on social media, driving attention to the new logo, website and bottle design. Employing brand awareness tactics, we generated an impressive ad recall rate of 18.7% in 2019 alone, compared to the national average of 8%. We’ll gladly cheers to that.