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One for the Cooks

The combination of Pampered Chef and H5 is a recipe for success. We’ve been with the kitchenware brand since 2007, through changes in the industry and shifts within the organization. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to keeping Pampered Chef in the minds of both consumers and media.

By constantly highlighting new stories and angles, we’ve earned the legacy brand coveted spots in major outlets like Parents, Rachel Ray Everyday, The Chew, The Kitchn, and even a two-page feature spread in Working Mother magazine. Actually, we’ve earned a total of 248.6 million media impressions. These stories translate directly  to increased sales — one feature on boosted the sale of Pampered Chef’s Champagne Opener by 53%  week over week.

We’ve also gone beyond traditional PR and created experiential activations to strengthen the touchpoints between the brand and the consumer. Whether that was building out an immersive experience in a New York City loft or partnering with existing events to include Pampered Chef booths, we’ve made sure media could meet, try and fall in love with the brand the same way we have.